Ninja Trix

is the newest sport discipline encompassing Martial Arts, Gymnastics, and Parkour skills!

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What is NinjaTrix?

Ninjatrix is the newest sport discipline encompassing Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Parkour skills! Our program was developed by lifelong martial artists, gymnastics coaches and parkour enthusiasts to create a totally new, totally engaging, totally crazy fun sport. Your kid may just be the next Ninja Warrior!

In each class, our Ninjas will go through all three segments of Ninja Training.

  • Martial Arts

Our Ninjas will begin their path with foundational martial arts skills taught in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. The martial arts skills taught will lay the foundation for a well-rounded Ninja, while building the confidence to take on the next Ninja challenge!


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  • Gymnastics

Every Ninja needs gymnastics skills! Our Ninjas will progress through the Ninja Levels while learning tumbling skills to increase body awareness, physical strength, fitness levels, balance, and co-ordination skills. Ninjas will progress through these skills while gaining new-found confidence and having a great time!


  • Parkour

Parkour is the sport of moving rapidly through an area while negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Our Ninjas will learn parkour techniques to navigate through obstacle courses designed to keep them challenged, smiling and wanting to step up to their next Ninja Level!

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Lil’ Ninjas


4 – 6 years old

Our Lil’ Ninjas Classes are for ages 4 to 6 years old! They are designed to entertain, excite and motivate our Lil’s while learning foundational skills in all three sports, Martial Arts, Gymnastics and Parkour. Your Ninja will fine tune motor skills with our challenging, fun classes while developing that positive Ninja Trait of “CAN DO”

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Jr. Ninjas


7 – 12 years old


Our Jr. Ninja Classes are designed for the 7 to 12 year old Ninja Warrior! Our Jr. Ninjas learn all the foundational skills that our Lil’s learn to create a well-rounded athlete. All the while expanding their skill set to include all the tricks and tumbling skills that will keep our Jr. Ninjas looking for that next challenge!

Ninja Trix

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Kickin' Flippin' Trickin'

Ninja Trix

Ninja Trix is taking all the best influences from Gymnastics, Tumbling, Martial Arts, and Parkour, to bring you a program like no other.

With daily obstacles that focus on:

  • Perfecting balance
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Self-confidence
  • And ALWAYS having fun!

Realizing that every kid wants to be a Ninja, we have created a variety of obstacle courses to train every recruit to become the Ultimate Ninja.

We have a complete Ninja program in place! It’s built on strong martial arts techniques, strong gymnastics skills, and parkour. Every class has each of these three disciplines being taught! Our ranking system keeps our Ninjas motivated, excited, and constantly working towards perfecting their skills and achieving their goals!

With our carefully crafted curriculum and expertly trained staff, our Ninjas don’t even realize the work they are putting in. As any athlete will tell you, repetition is key in developing substantial skill. Therefore with our lesson plans, the Ninjas are constantly being challenged on enhanced techniques while consistently exercising the base fundamentals of each skill.

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